Fiber Art – macro flower scene

Some photo friends and I went to the Blithewold Mansion in Bristol, RI to shoot on a Sunday afternoon. Late springtime in Rhode Island is pretty, the greens are truly vibrant, the tulips and daffodils are all in bloom and the silhouettes of trees are wonderful as they have not leafed out yet. It was a pretty spectacular day. The print was then printed onto cotton sateen and hand/machine stitched and layered onto linen.

Runaway Train

Last couple of years I felt my life was like a Speeding train – a little out of control. I decided I was the metaphorical conductor and could decide the speed of my train. Also, who I could invite on and who I would kick out! Digitally manipulated photo printed on cotton and made into a Photo Fiber Panel.

Ukrainian Easter Eggs

This year my Ukrainian Easter Eggs that my nephew Gregory gave me from his world travels take on a new meaning. Each time I pass them on my way through the dining room I try to say a silent prayer for the victims, families, and relatives in Ukraine. God knows how long or how much more suffering will ensue but I have always had faith that my one little prayer will somehow reach one other person who needs it to face their trials. I hope my prayer lands on someone who needs it today.

Snowy Owl, Rhode Island

For maybe the first time in a long time I understand the power of connecting with nature. This was a serendipitous encounter with the elusive Snowy Owl. It felt Almost mystical when I turned my head to the right and immediately made eye contact with this raptor sitting on the ocean rocks early one morning before Thanksgiving 2021. When I think of how I could have just walked right by I get chills. She has grounded me and I don’t think I will forget this feeling for a long time.